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TouchGuard Online Guard Tour Patrol System Variants

TouchGuard Basic

TouchGuard Basic Basic variant of guard tour patrol system. It uses the standard "smart phone" with Android operating system and NFC technology. As control points are used NFC tags.

System is independent to any type As a reader, you can choose from more than 50 types of handsets. The system is not dependent on one type of device, but even the phone manufacturer if it meets two conditions:

  • Android OS
  • NFC technology

To increase the resistance of "ordinary phones", we recommend to use some of the protective sleeves. We know from experience that in most object is not need to worry about phones "fragility". If you are still convinced that it would be preferable to use a more durable device, select from our range of variation TouchGuard Pro , which uses rugged phones by RugGear.

TouchGuard Pro

TouchGuard Pro Patrolling system, which uses rugged phones by RugGear with IP 68 and NFC technology. It can used multiple phone models, according to user needs. As control points are used NFC tags.

SOS Button

TouchGuard Basic SOS button is simple Android application used for quick sending of emergency SMS message to (predefined number) server integration platform SIMPHONY.

By SMS sending to server is possible to start patrol in TouchGuard or mass notification process so every user cal easily call for help.

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TouchGuard Enterprise

TouchGuard Enterprise Solution for medium and large companies which prefer operating of guard tour patrol system on their own servers operated by us or dedicated server. In the standard solution, the server is shared by multiple users. Each user has access only to own data without any possibility to see the data of another user (customer).

As a terminal is possible to use TouchGuard Basic, TouchGuard Pro or combination of both. Server application is common for all, there are only differences in used terminals (phones).